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Corporate Team Building Retreats That Uses Cooking

Are you able to conduct cooking team building programs where we are located at our corporate team building retreat?

Our main office is located in the Los Angeles area but we travel to where ever we are needed. In fact, we conduct most of our cooking team buildings at the location that needs us the most, at the hotels where you are holding your meetings, corporate team building retreats and conferences. We save you time from not having to interrupt your busy off-site meeting to look for us, we make it easy and come right to you. In fact, we have conducted our cooking team building programs in just about every major metro area in the United States, from large city venues in Washington, DC, New York, Atlanta, Boston, Dallas, Chicago, San Francisco area to more rural settings in small towns in Iowa, Ohio and Kentucky.

And because we are not relegated to conducting your culinary team building at a specific time as other team building programs need the daylight to function, we fit easily into any full conference schedule at your corporate team building retreat.

Also, we save you money in coming to us. There is no need to rent a bus or other transportation to find us since we come right to you. And in the case of some larger groups of 100+, this added expense could add up very quick at your corporate team building retreat.

And for the groups that are not meeting off-site, we still are able to come right to you. Our second most popular type of venue is conducting our cooking team buildings right on your corporate campus within your meeting rooms or in your companies cafe dining room during off-peak hours.

Because our unique process is a true cooking team building that uses food and cooking to bring your groups together, it frees us from the constants of having to be in a kitchen and allows us to do this anywhere with your teams at your corporate team building retreats! And because your team is challenged to create a delicious meal without the use of a kitchen, you’ll benefit more as a team, knowing that if you can do this anywhere, you can do anything!

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