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10 tips on how to do business while working

Being an employee such as working in an office is a pride for some people because of this we can be a regular income every month. Hours or regular work schedule, career, health care facilities of the company and some other advantages. But on the other hand became an employee there are also some drawbacks, among which the risks in Stop if it can not work optimally, career opportunities are limited, the imbalance between compensation and contributions, governed by time, and the monotony of routine, every day is monotonous and many other shortcomings of being an employee. It is therefore not a few who try to attempt to do business while working.

Well, for those of us who became an employee but eager to do business while at work, the following authors share tips and ways of doing business while working.

  1. Choose the Right Business

For us fulltime employees, doing business while working it will feel more difficult to start a business in which we have to be smart in the dividing of time. The intensity of work in the office crowded to be one reason. Even if we force instead it could be a boomerang for our careers. Plans to start a business while working, it actually could lose both. Therefore, the choice of working part-time or part-time is considered appropriate for an employee.

  1. Avoid the use of big capital

Doing Business while working, we are required to manage capital well and correctly. One in the use of capital, while the intricacies of the business is so complex, we get precisely the loss, it would be very unfortunate. Plus the time in business management is also limited. Therefore, we should start a business with capital that is not too big is the right decision.

  1. Know Yourself Capabilities

Took the decision to do business while at work is not as hard when practicing. Therefore be wise before it actually falls directly in the business world. Know capabilities ourselves. The extent to which we are able to build a business in all accessories, even while still running the activity as an employee. Surely we must know how our financial capabilities. There are at least a regular income each month that can be used for everyday life. Also do not forget the power of capital and how to obtain it. Is it from the accumulated salary or with loans to other parties.

  1. Understanding the Employment Contract

It helps us to re-read the MOU work in companies where we work. How tight office activities and when her time off. It aims to ensure that when the sidelines of time that we can use for other activities, including in building their own business. Moreover, we should not make a business similar to the main job, because it could be considered competitors. Or bias so on other occasions, our businesses even claimed by the company where we work.

  1. Keep Reputation

However, we must realize that we still have the duty and responsibility of the company where we work. Although we have own business, on the other hand we are an employee who must respect and execute our duties in the office. Do not get because of our personal business, the main work even neglected to give negative impression to the people in the environment Integration. So we must remain prudent and maintain our reputation as an employee, but we also must consider what we are doing.


  1. Discipline

Doing Business while working, we have to stay focused and disciplined, which means that we must be patient and consistent in doing both. Most employees who own their own businesses fail due can not devote time to both. At the time busy with office work, we even add preoccupation with his own business, Finally, they can not be completed. Therefore, discipline and patience required to under-united for us who do business while still working.

  1. Create a Regular Schedule

We can make a periodic schedule every day, every week and so on. Synchronize between work time in the office with time for our business. Avoid any conflicts between them so that we can stay focused on running both. We can make it after the home office, the night, after dawn or before going to the office or even at any other time. For example, we can use the time off or a weekend for our business. We can control and prepare everything needed for the next week.

  1. People For Business We Trust

Let me run more leverage, stability between office work and our businesses, we can appoint someone who can we trust to manage our business. For example we appoint relatives or friends to help manage the business that we run, or we also can recruit people to fill positions in our business. But we must also consider the budget to pay the people we recruit, not to actually harm or imbalance occurs.

  1. Business Legality

Legality of business as much as possible keep our attention. Just as in business generally, should we put on legal business eg License for smooth business and business protection in law, or at least we have a certificate of business we run.

  1. Learning Media

When it became our employees can learn how management business where we work. How to be a good boss and wise, how management employees, and so forth. Make the best time when we are confronted with successful people or colleagues reputable companies to simply sharing the experience.

Doing Business while working may indeed seem easy to run, but we will never know before you try it. Our success is the result of the accumulation of willingness, consistency, passion, focus and patience. So do not ever be afraid to try. Not a few of them are actually a side business became the main source of income with effort and persistence.


Source : http://m.log.viva.co.id